• "Black Women Decide - Where do we go"

    Building an antirracist future from the strategies and solutions of brazilian black women's movement.


    An inedit research with 245 black women from the whole country.

  • Why a research about

    the black women's activism?

    Facing so many uncertainties created by the Covid-19's global crisis, and facing global riseups for black and peripheral lives, we watched the emerging ways of acting from a growing group in Brazil: black women activists.


    This is a turning point where the black women needs to be aknowledge and apreciated. Sharing what we are building as a response to that crises is a way to break with the erasingness and recognize, finally, what we had ever did: propose and realize solutions to our people.


    The learnings collected in the walking and acting of black women activists can break the glass of the illusions, that insists in putting black women only as potential benneficiaries of emergential programs, and not as it's possibles designers and makers.


    There is only one way out of this crisis without making the same mistakes of the past, that is building the ways with a black and collective perspective. The answer from where do we go after the pandemic only can born by the hands of black women.

  • Methodology

    The main research's goal was to call black women activists commited with the gender and racial debate in Brazil. We applied a survey with 40 questions (31 closed and 9 opened) divided by the questions: From where we came? How are we acting? Where do we go?

    As we were isolated, the interviews were maded online, by phone in some cases. Here are some relevant points about the methodology:

    252 black women answered.
    245 surveys were validated.

    The survey were applied in all regions of the country. Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Pernambuco were the states with more answers.

    The answers came in this proportion.

    Or keep going down to read the main results of the relatory.


    Of the interviewds are part of some organization, movement or social-political collective.


    We accessed more than 130 collectives and organizations with the research.

    Accessed university (19% undergraduated, 24% graduated and 50% post-gradutated or post-graduating. essaram o Ensino Superior). Even so...

    Most of them has familiar income of until three minimum wage (220 U$). It means that even accessing studies, there is no economic autonomy to this group of black women activists.


    of the activists said that they've acted directly with some action against Covid-19 and it's impacts.

    Their actions are mostly connected with:

    people organizing and consciousness

    food insecurity actions

    fundraising for projects

    The limitants stereotypes commonly directed to black women does not found space. What we saw is that these women has the capability to protagonize different fights and issues, with capilarity and action in many diverse territories.


    Of the activists has already acted in electoral campaigns in a volunteer or paid role.

    Considered to nominate to the 2020 elections before the pandemic.

    Was still considering to nominate even with the pandemic.

    From the women that was sill considering to nominate, said that they are not connected with any political party.

    Even that it will exists a huge turnout rates, this number indicates a context of more obstacles to black activists that were engaged with COVID-19 actions.


    In name of a new political imaginary, leaded by the black women.

    There is a turning point moment in our society in wich the black women's experience needs to be recognized and apreciated.


    We need black women in positions that really can make change. We want that this research supports the implementation of some way of concrete change, supporting black women capacities in order to understand our real situation in this country, but also informing the society about what is happening, and from this experience, working tooo realize the future that we want.

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